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What we are All About 

Estia means hearth, and we focus on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where customers can expose themselves to Greek culture through our authentic cuisine, live music, and hospitality.

How it all Started 

Estia was not the owner's first business. The Markantonis Family originated from Belmont Massachusetts, where Nick Markantonis, owner of Estia, bought his first restaurant from his family at 19 years old. He went away from the traditional educational path and built a career in business. The business started as a tiny pizza house and over the years expanded until it was a staple restaurant in the town of Belmont. The Pizza house at that time was considered the oldest continually owned and operated restaurant in Belmont. Mr. Markantonis' love for making pizzas was incorporated into creating Estia; Cape Cod's first upscale Greek restaurant. Estia is a combination of Traditional Greek Cuisine as well as coal-fired pizza and inspired cocktails.



Estia was established first in Mashpee Massachusetts. Estia at the commons was founded in November 2014. The original restaurant space was small, but the atmosphere was warm and inviting and people seem to love that about Estia. Over two years the business grew; the Markantonis family-owned business expanded to Falmouth. The old Eastern Bank across the post office of downtown Falmouth was now renovated into a beautiful nautical theme restaurant, serving authentic Greek cuisines. The restaurant opened the same month as the restaurant in Mashpee, just 4 years later. Most recently, the Mashpee commons location was renovated to be about the same size as the one in Falmouth to give our valued patrons more dining space. 


Interesting Facts

Estia has been featured on two episodes of WCVB's The Phantom Gourmet! Keep an eye out for our third appearance that airs in December 2022.


We have formed unique relationships with local Cretan farmers to make the finest Cretan olive oil, olive products, and honey available to you while dining in or ordering out.

In the summer of 2021, Estia was chosen as the set for a statewide ad campaign encouraging locals to return to restaurants following the disturbances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Produced by VisitMa, the campaign slogan was "Lets Go Out". Our own GM Demetri Markantonis even appears in one of the ads. Try to spot him; he is giving a yellow gift bag.

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